Yoga Classes In Christchurch

Christchurch is an integral part of New Zealand’s eastern coast with a multitude of walking tracks, beaches, parks, lakes, rivers, ponds, mountains and coastal areas. With an area of more than 860 square kilometres it is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. In Christchurch you can find great places to walk and drive, many of the state parks are open for walkers, many beaches are family friendly, there are boat tours and trams, and there are festivals and events held regularly. The people of Christchurch are friendly, laid back and always willing to help a tourist get the most out of their time in this beautiful city.

Christchurch yoga

Christchurch yoga is offered by many organizations and studios and is gaining a lot of popularity with its warm, welcoming vibe. Yoga Christchurch is operated by an experienced group of instructors who have put together a highly diverse range of relaxing and stimulating classes suitable for all levels of experience. Classes are available on a flexible schedule using a friendly, patient, and supportive ambience. Classes are usually held on a Tuesday to Saturday basis, and start off with a brief introduction, followed by core and advanced positions, meditation and breathing exercises, mudras and stretches. Most classes end with a cooling down period that allows you to regain your energy for the next day.

For those who wish to participate in a more strenuous or physically challenging Christchurch yoga class, there are several options available. FlyHighYoga is a Christchurch based company that offers a challenging and exciting yoga program. Pilates, yoga, tai chi and qigong are just some of the movements and exercises included in this highly comprehensive program. Classes are taught by Flo Barnes, an internationally recognized strength and conditioning expert, and she is enthusiastic about teaching people the health and spirit-healing benefits of these various yogic disciplines. Classes are taught in both English and Mandarin, making them accessible to a wide range of participants, including parents, students and retirees.

There is also Fresh Life New Zealand, which is a wonderful company that has been operating in the Christchurch area for over 10 years. Their focus is on providing healthy, organic, toxin-free food, and in addition to the various yoga and bodywork classes, they also have a fantastic selection of healthy, low-priced fresh food on their retail shelves. Fresh Life has several locations in the city of Christchurch, including a large and lively outdoor market place and indoor market place. Classes at Fresh Life are also provided by Flo Barnes, a nationally certified strength and conditioning specialist. Classes may be booked online via their website, or over the phone, and the classes are designed to help participants improve their fitness and wellbeing. Classes will consist of cardiovascular and strength training, yoga and qigong, and fresh food, all of which will benefit participants in their everyday lives.

Another group that you may find when researching the options in Christchurch for your yoga class are Pilates and Tai Chi groups. Both groups have plenty to offer to the residents of Christchurch, and both have been active participants in the growth of the sport in New Zealand. Pilates, which began as a physical culture founded on the idea of using resistance to correct muscular imbalances, uses postures and breathing techniques to create greater flexibility and improved body alignment. Tai Chi is more popularly known as “energy boxing” because it combines the discipline of traditional Chinese medicine with the flexibility of yoga poses. Classes include a diverse range of exercise and stretching movements, including tai chi, aikido, and flowing meditation. Both groups are active participants in the Christchurch community, and both provide an excellent option for those looking to join a varied and stimulating group that includes a diversity of ages, styles, interests and goals.

If you are thinking about starting a new exercise program, you may want to look at the Christchurch region. There are several very good studios in the area, and many offer all types of specialised courses, beginner classes and professional classes. For those who are looking to do something a little more traditional, there is always the opportunity to join a Pilates class. Pilates classes offer a low-impact way to get fit, and many people who have tried Pilates have also been impressed by the health improvements that they have experienced after their first session. Regardless of what type of instructor you choose for your Pilates classes in Christchurch, or anywhere else for that matter, remember that your instructor should be able to demonstrate a wide variety of poses, and be able to explain their moves clearly and in an easy-to-follow manner.

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